Lead Lined Telescoping Window Frame with Lead Glass 12" x 16" with 1/16" Lead

Regular price $1,130.00

Leaded X-Ray Glass is required in almost all Radiation rooms to provide method of the Operator to see the patient before taking the exposure.  Most of our customers order the Leaded X-Ray Glass along with the Leaded Telescoping window frame in order to ensure that the Lead from the wall overlaps to the frame, which overlaps to the glass and creates a safe working environment where no radiation is leaking through the wall.

When compared to acrylic/plastic shielding, leaded glass:

  • Has half the weight of plastic with same shielding
  • Transmits more light than plastic shielding
  • Noncombustible as compared to toxic fumes emitted from of plastic if burned or cut
  • LX-57B glass has the same Moh’s hardness as feldspar (a constituent of granite)

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